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Please sit down and let me tell you about this guy. Yes because this guy Milo from Atlantis: The Lost Empire never gets the credit he deserves for being one of the most important Disney characters ever. When this movie came out I was 5, a five years old girl obsessed with science who wanted to become a marine biologist and didn’t really have a favourite character as a role model. I liked doing kids stuff but most of all I liked doing what I thought was “science”, memorizing the names of rocks and flowers and insects and then exploring in the park and pretending I’d found a new animal. I remember people telling me that being a scientist was hard, I had to study and I wouldn’t get paid much, and that it wasn’t as exciting as I thought.

And then Milo Thatch came, this clumsy weird scientist that worked in a basement because nobody would listen to his theories. This very clever guy who loved Dead Languages, Cryptology and all that stuff nobody liked but he knew a lot about it. He had a dream, and, however weak and pathetic he looked, nothing in the world could stop him. He was the “scientist Disney prince” I needed and never had (actually I wanted to marry him and go on adventures with him and when my mum told me I couldn’t do it I didn’t talk to her for a whole afternoon). Milo was that character that felt like me in a way nobody else did.
And then he finds the opportunity he was looking for, he finds the Atlantis he had been looking for but he’s still clever enough to understand that he’s doing the wrong thing, that he’s harming the beautiful things he loves, and most importantly he’s brave enough to say “hell no i brought you here but i’ll bring you back because I fucked up and I won’t let you harm this people because they’re more important than science” and every Science Ethics lesson in the world couldn’t teach me what Milo Thatch did when I was 5 and still unable to understand it. 

I didn’t realize any of it at the time actually, I just watched Atlantis like twice a week for years because I loved it, and I loved him because he was funny, clever and brave. I didn’t realize that no other character would ever influence my life as Milo Thatch did. It’s quite a big thing to say but I mean it when I say that I wouldn’t be the person I am if Milo Thatch didn’t exist. Maybe I wouldn’t be the dreamer I am, maybe I wouldn’t be willing to become a scientist no matter what. And it doesn’t just apply to science, Milo taught me to fight for the things I love in a way that I could understand, he told me “fuck people who tell you that you can’t do it”, “fuck people who tell you that you’re weird”, “if you don’t succeed at first it doesn’t mean you’re not good”, “there’s no shame in being clever”, “stick to what you love and fight to preserve it”. Every five year old should have a character who teaches them those things. Mine, ladies and gentlemen, was this guy right here, Milo Thatch, the Disney prince nobody ever talks about, five-years-old me would say “the best Disney prince of them all”.

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